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School Visits

Library Quote Mike Thayer

I absolutely LOVE doing school visits. Connecting with and sharing my passion for creativity and fantasy novels with kids was one of the main reasons I began writing The Epic Adventures of the Techno Wizard.

My current presentation is an entertaining, inspiring, and educational look at nurturing creativity and the novel writing process with a target audience of grades 3-8, although the presentation is adaptable for high schoolers as well. The presentation typically lasts an hour with Q&A/give-aways. I will be adding more presentations in the coming months and am always open to hearing from teachers and librarians about subjects they would like discussed.

If your school is interested in booking me for a visit, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page! Even though I am mainly focusing my visits on the MT, UT, WY, and ID region, I am always looking to expand my readership and outreach, so even if you’re outside my target area, please fill out the form!

For fees and guidelines, please go HERE.

Mike Thayer School Visit Techno Wizard


Mike Thayer School Visit Techno Wizard



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