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School Visits

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I absolutely LOVE doing school visits. Connecting with and sharing my passion for creativity and fantasy novels with kids was one of the main reasons I began writing The Epic Adventures of the Techno Wizard.

I currently have three presentations to choose from:

  1. Creativity and the Book Writing Process: Inspirational, educational, and entertaining presentation focused on students grades 3+, discussing how to nurture creativity by mastering your spare time and “surrounding yourself with awesomeness.” I share the secrets of story structure and how to take the ideas in your head to a book in your hands.
  2. Writing Advice and Life Lessons: I explain popular writing advice/techniques (like “Show, Don’t Tell”, the Hero’s Journey, etc.) and draw parallels to powerful and inspiring life advice for students and teachers alike.
  3. Story Structure Workshop: An in-depth look at story structure for smaller groups, typically students with an interest or aptitude in creative writing or storytelling. I leave the kids with a six-page handout that they can use to help structure their own stories.

All presentations typically last an hour with Q&A/give-aways, although I can adapt for shorter timeframes. I am always open to hearing from teachers and librarians about subjects they would like discussed.

If your school is interested in booking me for a visit, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page! Even though I am mainly focusing my visits on the MT, UT, WY, and ID region, I am always looking to expand my readership and outreach, so even if you’re outside my target area, please still fill out the form!

For fees and guidelines, please go HERE.


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