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Meet the Characters of

The Techno Wizard Series


Sam Shelton
The Techno Wizard
Prankster extraordinaire from Bozeman, MT who gets inexplicably transported to the land of Avalon during an earthquake. Later called the Techno Wizard for his power as a Void drainer and his control of his technological gear.
Aether Prodigy
Adolescent aether prodigy and member of the Ogland faction of the Mavericks.
Cornelius Thompson IV
Medieval Cowboy
Leech and cowboy of the purest blood. Passive member of the Ogland Mavericks who fled from the battles in the north to seek a quiet life of smoking his pipe and playing cards.
A young member of the Nartareen race, she is a fascinated with humans and is the first in Avalon to befriend Sam.
A gorilla-horse that joins Sam, Cornelius, Roanna, and Willow after being placidated
The Collector
Inferno level enforcer for the emperor who specializes in quelling cities and retrieving missing aether tax. Rides atop a dragon-bat hybrid and collects mementos from his most notable victims. Has a penchant for hunting down cowboys.
Gideon Vanduker
Seeker of Enigmatic Objects
A traveler and trader of rare and exotic goods. His knowledge of unique places, people, and objects is second to none.




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