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Glossary of Terms and Characters

Addi Gleason: Accomplished blacksmith and leader of the Trellston Mavericks who fought with Cornelius in the battles of the north.  

Aether: Magical force that radiates throughout all of Avalon. 

Avalon: Parallel world to earth where aether permeates all living and non-living things.  

Blazer: Aether tier above Sparker. Can placidate animals. Aether level common to lords, knights, businessmen, and local magistrates. 

Borinder Besselink: Guild Lord of Hagzarad and collector of rare and unique items. 

The Collector: Inferno level enforcer for the emperor who specializes in quelling cities and retrieving missing aether tax. Rides atop a dragon-bat hybrid and collects mementos from his most notable victims. Has a penchant for hunting down cowboys. 

Cornelius Thompson IV: Leech and cowboy of the purest blood. Passive member of the Ogland Mavericks who fled from the battles in the north to seek a quiet life of smoking his pipe and playing cards. 

Drainer: One who can destroy aether without using aether of their own.  

Eldest Tree: The oldest and most powerful of the Nartareen. Uses the collective aether of the Nartareen race to grant miracles to those she deems worthy. 

Emperor: Ruler of Avalon and only human to reach Eternal tier. 

Enhanced: Soldiers of the Collector that have been granted enhanced characteristics through grafting and hybridization. 

Equine-ape: See Gorilla-horse

Eternal: Highest tier of aether possession. Extent of abilities is largely unknown. 

Gideon Vanduker: A traveler and trader of rare and exotic goods. 

Gorilla-horse: Rhino-sized hybridized animal with gorilla-like facial features, long arms, clawed hands, and shaggy fur. 

Grafting: Process by which aether is used to augment a living thing with inanimate material. 

Gurn: One of the first two thugs that Sam meets upon arriving in Avalon. Has a grafted wooden hand and a deep voice like a bullfrog. 

Hagzarad: City at the northern tip of Lake Vista and home to the largest black market in the South Isle.

Haydn: Steward of Borinder Besselink. Has grafted fingers of precious stones. 

Hybridization: Similar to grafting, it is the process by which aether is used to augment a living thing with parts from other living things. Extreme hybridization is used to create new species of animals.

Inferno: Second highest tier of aether possession. Level reached by kings and queens, rulers of races, and the emperor’s most powerful enforcers. 

Jerg: Hulking member of the Trellston Mavericks. 

LaRue Overly: Head housemaid at Trellston Castle and longstanding member of the Mavericks. 

Lawrence Brintworth: King of worthless information, blown pranks, and one of Sam’s best friends. 

League of Cowboys: Group of cowboy Leeches descendant from the first cowboy who arrived in Avalon ~1870 A.D. 

Leech: Aether level designation several generations removed from a Void. Is limited in the total amount of aether he/she is able to possess but has the unique ability to use aether on his/her own body, increasing speed, health, strength, etc. Cannot infuse aether into other objects. 

Matthias Abromite: AKA the Corpseman. Undertaker who ferries the deceased from the island of Trellston to the city cemetery. 

Mavericks: Rebel group who opposes the emperor and his aether tax. 

Milla: A gorilla-horse that joins Sam, Cornelius, Roanna, and Willow after being placidated. 

Mongrel: A distorted and grotesque creature that is the outcome of a failed species hybridization. 

Muskteer Guild: Group descended from musketeers who came over to Avalon ~1650AD. Have all but lost their ability to drain aether. 

Nartareen: A dryad-like race of tree people who live in the forest and are lead by an Eldest Tree. 

Ogland: Walled town east of the Sea Cliffs and south of the Vale of Edgemont. 

Placidation: When an animal is drained of its natural aether and infused with the aether of another being for the purposes of controlling that animal. It is a practice of controversial morality.

Reynold: One of the first two thugs that Sam meets upon arriving in Avalon. Has a grafted cat eye and has an unpleasantly squeaky voice. 

Rinnivas Manikhantan: Sam’s best friend and technophile. He holds a fourth place standing on the worldwide leaderboard for the computer game Warcraft of Empires.

Roanna: Adolescent aether prodigy and member of the Ogland faction of the Mavericks. 

Samwise Shelton: Prankster extraordinaire from Bozeman, MT who gets inexplicably transported to the land of Avalon during an earthquake. Later called the Techno-Wizard for his power as a Void drainer and his control of his technological gear. 

Scorcher: Tier of Aether possession above Blazer but below Inferno. Enables one to detect aether levels in other individuals by sight (within a certain distance). Has the ability to graft and hybridize. Typical level of Named warriors, Noblemen, Princes/Princesses.

Screecher: The Collector’s large, dragon-like creature famous for its terrifying scream. 

Sparker: Lowest tier of aether possession. Typical level of farmers, peasants, and craftsmen.  

Trellston: Beautiful island city on the east side of Lake Alexandra. 

Vendrin: Member of the Trellston Mavericks and advisor to Addi Gleason. 

Void: Completely without aether. Term is used to describe those who are completely incompatible with aether to the point that they can drain limitless amounts by touch. 

Willow: A young member of the Nartareen race, she is a fascinated with humans and is the first in Avalon to befriend Sam. 

Ziptalk Apollo: Shatterproof, waterproof, shockproof, and solar-powered. It is the very latest in cell phone technology and Sam’s birthday present from his mother. 

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