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Study Guide – Passage to Avalon

1. In Passage to Avalon, the story starts out in the year 2032. The author imagines a world slightly different than the one we live in today (2018). Things like self-driving cars and mini-drones are more commonplace. How do you think the world will be different in 2032? 2072? 2102? Why?
2. During his adventures, Sam is betrayed by both new acquaintances and old friends. Did you guess that these betrayals would happen? What clues did you have? Should Sam have known better than to trust these people? Why or why not?
3. How did Sam change and grow as a person as a result of his adventures? What does he do or say as evidence of this change?
4. How did Roanna change and grow as a person as a result of her adventures? What does she do or say as evidence of this change?
5. Who was your favorite character in the story? Why? What do you want to see them do or accomplish?
6. Who was your least favorite character in the story? Why? What would you change about them?
7. What was your favorite part of the story? Why? What makes something awesome?
8. What part of the story surprised you the most?
9. Toward the end of the novel, Sam questions the morality of placidating animals. Do you think it would be okay to placidate animals? How is using aether to control animals different than emperor using an aether tax to control the people of Avalon?
10. Many great stories follow similar structures, plot progressions, and patterns. The author outlined this book using the Seven Point Story Structure. Can you identify each of these points in the story?

1. Inciting Incident — The event that kicks off the story.

2. Plot Turn 1 — The point of no return. The Hero sets off on his/her adventure. No turning back!

3. Pinch point 1 — Conflict is introduced or ramped up. The Hero gets a taste of the bad guys’ power. 

4. Midpoint — The Hero moves from reactive to proactive. The Hero stops running and decides to fight back!

5. Pinch point 2 — More conflict is introduced. By the end, the Hero is in his/her darkest moment and seems further from his/her goal than ever.

6. Plot turn 2 — The Hero acquires the last thing he/she needs to achieve his/her goal.

7. Resolution — The Hero succeeds…or doesn’t!

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